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Exclusively utilizing the P4 De-escalation Training Program, Next Level Combatives is redefining the term Defensive Tactics.  Using the P4 model, training is comprised of verbal and physical de-escalation through principals, solutions, concepts and tactical philosophies.  The program is safe, effective and immediately reduces potential liability.

"Jon Burke at Next Level Combatives is the  real deal.  His P4 program provides flexible methods for addressing armed and unarmed aggressors that can be performed by anyone.  His techniques are tactically sound and I have applied them on the streets with successful outcomes, without sustaining injuries to myself or the suspect."

​                                   R. Chamberlin - LE Officer


Participants of the P4 De-Escalation Training Program will learn how to plan, be prepared, prevent escalation and prevail both verbally and physically if necessary.


Having a plan refers to both mental and physical solutions to help the participant gain or regain mental clarity prior to ever addressing a situation.  The planning phase begins once the participant wakes for the day.  Next Level Combatives recognizes and addresses all the various stages of planning as each day progresses and evolves.  In this stage, participants will learn breathing and visualization techniques, mental ingress and egress, situational mapping, nerve management, intelligence collection and prioritization, and much more.


Prepare refers to training 100% of skill sets 100% of the time.  Protecting society and enforcing the law is a very difficult and dangerous task.  Participants will learn techniques to have the skills as up-to-date as possible should a situation become violent.  Another key area for proper preparation is physical fitness.  It is advantageous to be physically fit having to manage adrenaline spikes, carry the additional weight of gear, and daily physical demands of the occupation.  Mental preparation is important as well.  Participants will learn visualization and other techniques to maintain mental clarity.


The prevent stage refers to avoiding physical and verbal confrontation as the first line of defense.  Avoidance is not always an option however it should be the top priority.  Participants will learn various ways to prevent escalating situations using words, actions and basic psychology.  Prevention is paramount for both the participant and the potential threat.


Through the Next Level Combatives De-Escalation Training Program, participants learn the most efficient way to safely gain maximum control over the suspect.  Participants learn tactical concepts and physical solutions so they can return home to their families without harm to themselves or the threat. This program is instantly applicable by the participant and immediately reduces unnecessary violence and bodily injury.

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