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"The P4 program is exactly what law enforcement needs for more effective and safer apprehension techniques"

​                                   Eric Remick - DHS Agent

Redefining Defensive Tactics with P4 De-escalation Training

The most effective and comprehensive de-escalation training program designed to comply with all agency standards and practices

Mission Statement

Our mission at Next Level Combatives is to provide the most effective and efficient form of de-escalation training, empower participants with the ability to operate safely, and reduce liability and injuries to themselves and their suspects.

Jonathan Burke

Lead Instructor/Founder

Next Level Combatives


Exclusively utilizing the P4 De-escalation Training Program, Next Level Combatives is redefining the term Defensive Tactics.  Using the P4 model, training is comprised of verbal and physical de-escalation through principals, solutions, concepts and tactical philosophies.  The program is safe, effective and immediately reduces potential liability.


Participants of the P4 De-escalation Training Program will learn how to plan, be prepared, prevent escalation and prevail both verbally and physically if necessary.


  • Strategy & Organization

  • Reduces Liability

  • Immediately Applicable

  • Meets Agency Standards

  • Scalability & Integration

  • Continuing Education

  • Any Experience Level

  • Exclusive to LEO / Military

  • Law Enforcement Accredited

(some states)


Neon Spheres


S.W.A.T. Operator

(11 years)

"As a member of one of the worlds most elite S.W.A.T. teams, I have had the great opportunity to have some of the best training and instructors in the world.  Jon Burke of Next Level Combatives is hands down the best hand-to-hand combat training around.  Jon's teaching style and expertise in firearms manipulation makes his course easy to apply to real life."

Neon Spheres


American Warrior Society

Shooting-Performance Training Concepts

Former U.S. Marine,LE, & Federal Instructor

“I was once told that great instructors have a body of knowledge that surpasses their peers.  Jon Burke has that body of knowledge, and in the combatives world he has 'been there done that'.  Combine that with a relentless drive, and the ability to distill the fluff from the stuff and you get an instructor and program that is second to none.”​

Neon Spheres


Master Deputy

S.W.A.T. Sniper/Canine Handler

As a United States Marine veteran and law enforcement officer, I understand the need to serve and protect.  Jon Burke's P4 program gave me the extra mental and physical knowledge to help keep my family and the public safe.”

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