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Tactical Jiu-Jitsu

All of our courses utilize a specialized training program called Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ or TJJ™. This program provides training solutions for the self-defense issues that you or your organization could face in an aggressive situation with an imminent threat. We implement the best and most up to date self-defense techniques that address stand up self-defense, elements of striking, takedowns, takedown defense and ground defense as well. Our TJJ™ program also covers what to do in all of those situations if weapons come in to play.
We believe that you must be focused but aware while defending yourself. We also believe in your ability to gain maximum efficiency with your techniques while expending minimum effort, allowing you to stay in the fight longer and more effectively. These principles are achieved through providing a full understanding of leverage and body mechanics and how they apply in self-defense versus needing to be physically dominant in any way over the threat.
One of our most important teaching philosophies is that we stress that the basics mastered is all you need and then we help you to understand the different application of those very same basic techniques for many different situations ranging from the approach to the grab to the takedown to the ground. Neutralizing the threat, maintaining control of the threat, and apprehending or disengaging from the threat are the four main principals we reinforce through each technique and our TJJ™ program as a whole. Having options is important in a combative situation and being able to understand your options and apply them is made easy through our Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ instruction. If you do not see a category that fits what you are looking for, please know that we can tailor fit our TJJ™ program accordingly for you and your organization making it accessible to anyone who wants to be more capable and prepared at defending themselves.