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Training As If Your Life Depends On It....Because It Does

Being a Law Enforcement Officer ("LEO") is an extremely difficult job every day you go to work. Next Level Combatives understands that non-compliant, aggressive situations can spin out of control rather quickly, especially once the handcuffs come out for apprehending a suspect.
It is important that as a LEO, whether on patrol, in plain clothes, as a detective, working under cover, directing traffic or even off-duty, that you are current on your close-quarter combat, defensive measures and hand-to-hand techniques so that you can always go home safely to your loved ones should you have to be physical on the job. 

Next Level Combatives has a program specifically designed for law enforcement officials. Our program teaches how to more effectively and efficiently apprehend non-compliant and/or aggressive suspects. Our Tactical Jiu-JItsu™(TJJ™) program is tailored strictly for those in the Law Enforcement industries who protect and serve others by selflessly putting themselves in harms way. This includes security teams, bodyguards, executive protection teams, corrections officers, federal agents and others. 

Our TJJ™ program teaches techniques applicable to the following skill sets: threat assessment, hand clearing, cuffing, apprehension, control, takedown, stand-up and ground techniques that enable an officer to be far more capable of handling an aggressive close-quarter assailant or suspect in a way that is safe, efficient and reduces the risk of injury to the LEO and the threat.

Sadly, over the past decade liability issues have risen tremendously for anyone who battles the bad guys for a living and their actions are constantly under the microscope more and more. Today, what's broadcast in a 10 second internet video can have wide ranging consequences for the officer(s) and their department, even if it only tells 10% of the story. Understanding that as officers of the law you are not only battling the bad guys, but also social media, the internet, different private organizations, department policies, the law and private groups looking for wrong doing on your part, our Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ program focuses on very strict and safe technique that reduce the opportunity for scrutiny. We teach officers how to be safer in their apprehension methods and in their treatment of the threats as well, thereby lowering the risk of liability for the officer and the department.

At Next Level Combatives we understand, that as trained professionals, you have many tools in your tool kit but that you must follow and adhere to guidelines such as the use of force continuum, the threat matrix, department SOP and the law. Due to the fact that you cannot just do whatever you want, you must be extremely well versed in your defensive measures and hand-to-hand combat techniques. Next Level Combatives Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ course provides very safe, technical, efficient, practical, tactical and real techniques that you can use in any hand-to-hand situation on the streets, at 30,000 feet, in a jail cell, overseas or anywhere you need to go hands on with a threat.

Next Level Combatives also recognizes that your defensive tactics could be called upon to save your life or the lives of others when you are not on the job, particularly if a suspect recognizes that you’ve previously detained them and they hold a grudge against you. When you are not on the job, you don’t always have your primary, secondary or tertiary weapons system available or your radio to call for backup, so your self-defense skills are paramount.

Our goal is to help you to be as trained, ready and capable to handle a threat in a hands on situation as possible. By implementing our Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ program in to your regimen, we are certain that should you need to get physical, you are armed with the best techniques available. At the end of the day, as someone who serves the law, you have our full support and we would be honored if you would allow us to be another tool in your tool kit that will help increase your odds of making it home safely to those that love and support you at the end of each shift.