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Can You Keep Your Employees And Guests Safe If Tragedy Strikes?

In today’s world, the climate of one’s personal safety has changed tremendously, even from just few years ago. No longer can we only worry about our safety or that of our loved ones abroad in another country. Now, we must pay attention to everything at all times at home, on the street, in parking lots, during our commutes, at social activities, at our places of worship and even in our corporate environments. Unfortunately we are not automatically safe in most places anymore, and no longer can we say, “That won’t happen to me.”

As a leader of a business organization, it is your responsibility to make sure that you and your team operate in as safe an environment as possible. Part of that responsibility is their personal safety. Can you say that you and your staff are trained and prepared to act if a threatening situation were to present itself in your workplace? Next Level Combatives offers solutions that address these doubts and fears that you and your staff may have regarding this topic. Through a well thought out customized SSOP (standard safety operating procedure) created in conjunction with you and your team, you and your co-workers will be more prepared and more confident in your abilities and actions you should and should not take if such an unfortunate situation transpires.

Along with a new SSOP, we provide tactical and situational awareness training, safety tips, an introduction to weapons, lessons on how to turn everyday items in the workplace in to weapons of defense and self-defense instruction of some basic techniques so that you and your staff are far more prepared to be vigilant should it be necessary.  Sometimes, being trained and having a plan is the best plan of all.

We offer training packages that are specifically designed for the corporate environment. These programs are easy to learn and implement by you and your staff regardless of your self-defense backgrounds or experience. However, we are aware that each work environment and each staff member varies from office to office and we know that these variables require program adjustments. Since one size does not fit all, we can customize and structure an operating procedure that more appropriately applies to your particular corporate environment and your coworkers.

Keeping current as an employer regarding the many different facets of business in the workplace, especially safety, is difficult but paramount in today’s world. However, when it comes to safety and potentially harmful threats in your workplace, as an employer, it is your responsibility to provide your organization with the most current up to date situational, tactical and defensive training and information you possibly can. Our programs offer exactly that and they create a safer, more prepared, more confident workforce and work environment.  

Worry and fear of all kinds can be debilitating, which is a bad distraction. When your team feels safe, protected and cared for by you, you are reducing, even possibly removing that worry from their minds which allows them to focus on their tasks at hand more clearly and efficiently.

We want you to view the SSOP as preventative medicine. You don’t want to get sick then try to get health insurance. In this case, don’t wait for danger to come to your office and then put your safety insurance plan (SSOP) in place. Be proactive for you and your coworkers and put your newly designed SSOP in place before something happens. Remember, the bad guys are training and preparing, YOU SHOULD BE TOO!