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Courses Designed To Keep You And Your Family Safe

The world today is becoming a more dangerous place for more people. Personal attacks, sexual assaults, bullying scenarios and other hands on incidents are occurring far more frequently than ever before. Being able to effectively defend yourself and your loved ones has become a greater priority to people now a day and unfortunately we don’t see this trend changing for the better any time soon.
Since we cannot control or decide when danger will show up at our doorstep, both figuratively and literally speaking, we must always be prepared to be vigilant and ready to take defensive measures in order to protect ourselves, and those we care about. We have seen an upsurge of people carrying concealed weapons like firearms, pocket knives, sprays, gels and other defensive weapons that they put their trust in to deal with a threat should they need to.

Next Level Combatives is a big supporter of concealed carry but equally as big a supporter, if not bigger, of the necessary training that goes along with carrying those weapons. However, due to legal, geographical or logistical issues, we cannot always have a weapon on our person, within reach or get to our weapon of choice fast enough to handle the imminent threat. Due to this fact, we must ask ourselves, how capable are we really of defending ourselves if a physical threat were to occur that directly affected us? Having weapons to turn to is an excellent plan but can also create a false sense of security.

So we at Next Level Combatives say if you can’t access a weapon, what will you rely on to protect yourself? We truly believe that it is vital that you are armed with a hand to hand combatives system that is effective, practical, tactical and simply works in conjunction with or in place of your other weapons that you carry.  As a civilian, you are not privy to many of the resources that those who work in the security or military industries have access to, therefor training your self-defense capabilities should be considered a top priority. Being properly trained and equipped with techniques that you can execute anywhere in the world any time a physical threat presents itself to you is an unbelievably empowering feeling that offers a confidence that is equal to that of how you might feel when you are actually carrying a weapon on you.

Our Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™, or TJJ™, program provides you with the skill sets needed to defend yourself and your loved ones both on your feet and on the ground whether weapons are involved or not. Our program is comprised of the most up to date, simple, effective, practical and tactical self-defense techniques that anyone who takes the time to put in the training can learn and apply. Like most skills, self-defense is also a perishable skill that requires continued training and practice in order to stay sharp. Our TJJ™ program starts at a beginner level and has training that takes a practitioner all the way up to advanced level and we even have an instructor certification course, if you choose to go that route.

The best weapons you can always count on are your god given weapons, your brain and your body. With our Tactical Jiu-Jitsu™ program you will learn how to turn both of those weapons in to a full-time 24-hour a day 7 day a week personal safety system that you are able to take with you anywhere in the world at all times.  Don’t wait for something to happen to you or close to home in order to start training. Our TJJ™ program is weapon and it is the perfect self-defense program for you. All of our techniques can be completely customized for your body type as well, making our program user friendly for anyone. Remember, the bad guys are out there training and preparing, you should be too!